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GOYN works to create economic mobility for young people aged 15-29 who are out of school, training or employment


The Global Opportunity Youth Network

The Global Opportunity Youth Network is housed at Aspen Institute’s Forum for community solutions and is co-designed by partners Prudential, Global Development Incubator, YouthBuild International, Accenture and CRS( Catholic Relief Services).


GOYN is a global initiative catalysing system shift for youth opportunity through the creation of sustainable training, employment, and income-earning pathways. GOYN works with “Opportunity Youth”(OY) — young people aged 15-29 who are  out of school, unemployed, or working in informal jobs.


Tenets of GOYN:

  • Youth participation in program design
  • Data driven macro impact approach
  • Collective Impact


GOYN has chosen “Anchor Partners’ in various communities across the world, who facilitate a deep level of ecosystem collaboration and coordinated action. Lighthouse Communities Foundation (formerly known as Pune City Connect) is the anchor partner in Pune.
Lighthouse Communities Foundation in partnership with Pune Municipal Corporation has been working tirelessly to improve youth’s lives and livelihood , empower citizens with digital literacy, and improve the quality of education in PMC Marathi medium schools. The Collective Action ecosystem comprises 50+ donors, 45+ implementation partners, and 2000+ employers.


  • Create a network of communities that will enable systems shifts to improve youth employment and life outcomes
  • Engage OY (Opportunity Youth) in co-designing solutions in their communities and for their communities
  • Partner with community leaders to provide economic opportunities to at least 10% of the OY in Pune city
  • Build a global evidence base and drive adoption of digital platforms that have the potential to shift outcomes at greater scale.



Building a Youth Employment Collaborative

GOYN collaboratives are led by local Anchor Partner institutions who convene and organize community leaders committed to expanding youth economic opportunity. Collaboratives conduct in-depth research and data-gathering to examine the causes and drivers of youth employment and identify a suite of priority youth employment pathways and policy advocacy activities to be accelerated.


Your GOYN Team

Mrinal Gharpure

Director, GOYN

Bobby Zacharia

GOYN Team Lead


Key GOYN Partners

Global Map

GOYN Communities

In 2018, GOYN conducted a comparative study of 30 global communities to determine those most suitable and ready to implement a place-based systemic change approach. The first nine communities and Anchor Partners are:

Mexico City
Population: 9,209,944
Youth Employment Rate: 28%
Opportunity Youth: 617,950
Population: 2,105,707
Youth Employment Rate: 49%
Opportunity Youth: 305,033
Population: 4,120,000
Youth Employment Rate: 18.9%
Opportunity Youth: 250,000
São Paulo
Population: 12,325,232
Youth Employment Rate: 25%
Opportunity Youth: 766,000
Population: 1,296,000
Youth Employment Rate: 44%
Opportunity Youth: 373,000
Population: 1,154,086
Youth Employment Rate: 55%
Opportunity Youth: 255,000
Population: 8,351,224
Youth Employment Rate: 28%
Opportunity Youth: 868,697
Population: 3,900,000
Youth Employment Rate: 38.8%
Opportunity Youth: 220,000
Population: 1,490,474
Youth Employment Rate: 50.2%
Opportunity Youth: 303,620

Annual Report

GOYN Global Annual Report

Download the Global Opportunity Youth Network Annual Report to learn about our approach and impact!

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