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Logistics and Supply Chain Sector

Growing Industries

  • The logistics sector slated to employ 28.4 million employees by 2022.  Additional creation of ~11.7 million jobs by 2022

  • Major growth will be concentrated  in 5 sub sectors: land transportation, warehousing, supply chain, courier services and cold chain solutions
  • Pune is a hub of manufacturing, warehousing, courier companies and call center related services
  • Warehousing activities slated to increase post covid, as E-Commerce, Pharma, food industries and manufacturing companies deal with the pent up demand.


  • Core technical skills like communication, digital literacy , computer literacy required for entry level jobs in the sector
  • Min educational requirements for the employers match existing qualifications of youth; 67% employers need 10/12th pass youth
  • Payscale of the sector matches youth expectations i.e above 10k for entry level jobs

A project by GOYN Pune



A pioneering project aimed to deploy GOYN’s place-based, collaborative approach, for bridging the gap between supply-side skilling organizations and demand-side employers to make the logistics sector aspirational for youth.



  • Make youth aware of the opportunities available in logistics industry
  • Co-design curriculum with skilling organizations and industry employers
  • Training youth and placing them in the Logistics sector
  • Partnership with Logistics Sector Skills Council


Program Impact: 

  • The sector will offer many opportunities for youth
  • Increase visibility of the  logistics sector
  • Women respondents willing to enter the sector
  • Women will get into operational and technical roles as well as leadership roles.